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    A strong ecosystem science enterprise is vital for securing Australian ecosystems in the face of growing pressures. Foundations for the future: a long-term plan for Australian ecosystem science defines the vision, key directions and priorities for a national ecosystem science capability that will enable Australia to understand and effectively manage its ecosystems for decades to come.

  • Key directions

    The need has never been greater for ecosystem science to deliver the evidence, knowledge and tools to underpin the protection and sustainable use of Australia's ecosystems. Building on our strong history, the Plan outlines six key directions to ensure our national ecosystem science capability delivers for the future needs of Australia.

  • Get involved

    Over the coming years there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved in bringing the Plan and its recommendations to life. Right now, you can get involved by telling us about your existing work, and by participating in the selection of the new Ecosystem Science Council. Follow the link to find out more.

  • Latest News

    The Ecosystem Science Council has launched a technical report on the need for a critical boost to our fragmented ecosystem monitoring efforts to implement a national system that tracks the health of our ecosystems and trends in biodiversity.

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