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Council welcomes new members

Following the elections held in late 2016, Council is pleased to welcome new members Dr Bryony Horton and Dr Noel Preece. Council also welcomes returning members for a new four-year term Prof Alan Andersen, Dr Steve Morton, and A/Prof Pauline Mele.

Over the Christmas break, new and old Council members were hard at work preparing the Council's submission in response to the Draft National Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2016. The Council's submission endorsed the broad directions of the Roadmap, including the need for a landmark national ecosystem observatory and forecasting capability that is world leading.

Council agreed that supporting current programs such as TERN and IMOS needs to be the highest priority, while noting that Australia also needs an enhanced capability that includes all ecosystems (terrestrial, freshwater, marine, coasts, urban as well as agricultural and other production systems), with a capacity to integrate, model and understand the trends over space and time in ALL our natural capital.

You can read the Council's full submission here.