Ecosystem Science Council

Read on below for more information about what the Ecosystem Science Council is, and how the inaugural Council was selected:


About the Ecosystem Science Council

One of the key directions outlined in Foundations for the Future identified the need for a new Ecosystem Science Council to offer leadership in implementing the Plan, and facilitating collaboration across the community:

FACILITATING COORDINATION, COLLABORATION AND LEADERSHIP A more collaborative and coordinated ecosystem science community including the formation of an 'Ecosystem Science Council' to offer leadership to implement the Plan, working with all relevant discipline areas, organisations, societies and professions.

The Ecosystem Science Council will work to advance the goals of Foundations for the future: a long-term plan for Australian ecosystem science, working with all individuals, groups and organisations within the ecosystem science and management communities.

Foundations for the future offers an exciting blueprint for the future of Australian ecosystem science, and the Council has a vital role to play in helping transform this vision into a reality.

The Council will be made up of 11 people from a cross-section of the sectors and ecosystem science-related disciplines described in Foundations for the future. This group will work together to oversee the implementation of Foundations for the future, with four key responsibilities:

  • facilitating communication and coordination across the ecosystem science community
  • coordinating the delivery of activities outlined in Foundations for the future
  • seeking resources to support the delivery of activities outline in Foundations for the future, including the activities of the Council itself and other working groups
  • reviewing and evaluating progress towards the goals of Foundations for the future

For more information about the Council, please read the Terms of Reference below.


Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference outline everything you need to now about the Ecosystem Science Council – what its role is, how it will work, what its membership will look like, and how it will be formed. You can read the Terms of Reference for the Council here.

These Terms of Reference were developed by a special reference group of 27 people from across Australia, who took up the open call for participation in this reference group. They worked collaboratively with the Steering Committee from Oct-Nov 2014 to refine the Terms of Reference, which were subsequently endorsed for implementation by the ESLTP Steering Committee.


How will the Council be selected?

The inaugural Council was selected through a two-part process that began with an open vote for candidates by registered voters throughout the Australian ecosystem science community. This vote was used to identify the first half of the required members of the Council.

After this, to help ensure diversity and balance across the Council, the Steering Committee identified the final members from amongst the remaining candidates.

You can read more about the selection process in the Terms of Reference.

This process was chosen to ensure there is openness and transparency in selecting Council members, and to ensure the Council has the support and mandate of the wider ecosystem science community.

The vote itself occurred Monday 2 March - Friday 13 March. See below for timeline.




Nominations for the Ecosystem Science Council have now closed.

Anyone from the Australian ecosystem science community was invited to self-nominate to become a member of the Council. Nominations closed on Sunday 8 February 2015.

Click here to find out more about the nomination process.



Voter registration

Voter registration closed on Friday 20 February 2015. Anyone who identifies as a part of the Australian ecosystem science and management communities was invited to register to vote in the selection of Council members. Registered voters were provided with information about the nominees, and were able to vote using a secure online election process from Monday 2 March - Friday 13 March.



The process to select the inaugural Ecosystem Science Council ran from December 2014 - March 2015.



What about the Steering Committee?

Since early 2013, the Steering Committee were responsible for overseeing the development of Foundations for the future, through an open, inclusive and transparent process of national consultation and collaboration.

The Steering Committee will now ‘pass the baton’ to the Ecosystem Science Council, and will then finish its activities as a group at that time. The Steering Committee members are looking forward to putting their efforts behind the broader strategy and activities that are coordinated by the Council.