Get Involved

Over the coming years there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved in bringing the Plan and its recommendations to life. Read below for more information, and subscribe for updates to make sure you're involved.

Like its development, the implementation of Foundations for the future will be a consultative and collaborative process with scope for wide participation and collaboration with existing programs and groups. Activities will be staged over five year periods with set milestones to monitor progress. This will allow us to evaluate activities and adjust plans to respond to new input and circumstances. You can read more about the next steps in Foundations for the future.

For each of the key directions in the Plan, the first step is to review current capabilities in each area, alongside the wealth of proposals already generated through the Plan’s development. Specific working groups will be formed to take responsibility for coordinating and progressing actions towards each of the key directions.


We want to hear from you: tell us about your work!

Since the launch of the Plan, we've been collating information about the extent of existing activities, projects and programs underway across the country that are already taking action towards the six key directions of the Plan. Building this 'library' of information is important so that any future planned activities make the most of existing efforts and experience across our community.

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