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Getting down to business

Your Ecosystem Science Council have relished the opportunity to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in to the real work needed to make the vision of Foundations for the future a reality. Since the election of the Council – by you, the community – in March 2015, the new Councillors have immersed themselves in all things Foundations for the future, wrapping their heads around the diversity of people, activities and ideas that have brought the ecosystem science community so far already. It is this impressive foundation of people, activities and ideas that provides the basis for the next steps in implementing Foundations for the future.

The Council’s energy for the task ahead was obvious when they gathered on 2 June, to kick-start planning and strategy for the coming 18 months of activities.

'The Council are a talented and diverse group and we enjoyed getting to know each other and why we are each committed to working on behalf of the ecosystem science community', says new Council Chairperson Professor Glenda Wardle.

‘The enthusiasm for action was invigorating and we have already started engaging the PM and National Science Council by writing to them about the relevance of Foundations for the future to the newly released national research priorities.

Glenda adds, 'we can expect great things from the Ecosystem Science Council, so stay tuned, as we continue the conversation both within our community and externally.'

Alongside Glenda as chairperson, the Council elected Dr Steve Morton as Deputy Chairperson, Dr Emma Burns as Treasurer, and A/Prof Alex Kutt as Secretary. Other members of Council are Prof Alan Anderson, Dr Neville Barrett, Prof Jenny Davis, A/Prof Pauline Mele, Prof Stuart Phinn, Dr Anita Smyth and A/Prof Torsten Thomas.


The Ecosystem Science Council: (back row, L-R) Torsten Thomas, Steve Morton (Deputy Chair), Neville Barrett, Anita Smyth, Alex Kutt (Secretary), Alan Andersen; (front row, L-R) Emma Burns (Treasurer), Pauline Mele, Jenny Davis, Glenda Wardle (Chairperson), and Stuart Phinn.


The Council are currently refining plans to ensure action is achieved against each of the six key directions of Foundations for the future over the next 12-18 months. At the forefront of their planning is the desire to maintain the inclusive and collaborative philosophy that enabled the development of Foundations of the future, so you can expect to hear more soon about how you can participate in the next steps.

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In the meantime, remember to tell us about your work in contributing to the future of ecosystem science. We know there is a significant amount of work already underway that contributes to building our future and that links with the six key directions, and we want to find out about these so we can create a pathway forward that complements and builds upon existing activities.

You can read about some of the existing activities people have already told us about here.