The Ecosystem Science Council is governed by:


Council Membership

The eleven members of the Ecosystem Science Council are elected through an open process with a view to ensuring that the Council has the support and mandate of the wider ecosystem science community. The process also aims for a Council that has diverse and balanced composition as outlined in the Terms of Reference. Members can serve either two- or four-year terms. Details of the nomination, registration for voting and voting process, and timelines for turnover of members are outlined in the Terms of Reference.

The Council is selected through a two-part process:

  1. an open vote for nominated candidates by registered people throughout the Australian ecosystem science community, which will identify the first half of the required members of the Council;
  2. selection of the remaining candidates, from amongst the existing nominees, by the previous Council with a view to the next Council meeting desiderata for diverse composition of membership.




The Council oversees a number of Working Groups that each have their own Terms of Reference and report monthly through the Working Group Leader to the Council. Membership of each Working Group varies but includes other members of Council and a diverse group of skilled experts identified through an open call for Expressions of interest. Click here for current membership and bios.


Business Plans

Business Plan 2016-2020


Engagement Plans

2016-2020 Plan is currently offline for revision, contact us.


Finacial hosting of the Council by the Ecological Society of Australia

The Council has a hosting agreement with the Ecological Society of Australia Limited, but operates independently. Ecological Society of Australia Ltd is a registered Australian company since 1 July 2000 (ABN 20 571 098 795), governed by a Board of Directors, and with Deductible Gift Recipient Status. The arrangement covers the following in-kind services requested of the Ecological Society of Australia:

  • Financial management of Council funds
  • Administrative hosting to enable employment of staff for the Council, using funding sourced by the Council.

The proposed benefits to the Ecological Society of Australia from hosting the Council are:

  • Direct support of the Ecological Society of Australia’s primary activities and strengthened reputation as a leading body in ecosystem science, and as a key shaper of science policy and implementation in Australia
  • Acknowledgement of the essential role of the Ecological Society of Australia in supporting the Council on our website and communications materials, and acknowledged at events and in external interactions with Government and industry.


Donations Policy

Policy is currently offline for revision, contact us.


Biennial Report

Biennial Report 2015/16 - 2016/17 (17mb)                                                                                                                                           


Annual and Monthly Meetings

At a minimum, the Council meets monthly via teleconference.  An annual face-to-face meeting of the Council is held in November at the same time as the Ecological Society of Australia annual conference.