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Help to form the Ecosystem Science Council


The ecosystem science community needs you!

One of the key directions outlined in Foundations for the Future ('the Plan') identified the need for a new Ecosystem Science Council to offer leadership in implementing the Plan, and facilitating collaboration across the community. A key action for the first five years of the Plan is to form this Ecosystem Science Council so it can commence operation in January 2015.

The Council will work with all individuals, groups and organisations within the ecosystem science and management communities to advance the goals of the Plan. The Council will complement the roles of existing leadership groups, societies, organisations etc. in ecosystem science, acting as a vehicle for collaboration and coordinated action across the community.

We're now calling for volunteers to be involved in a special reference group to help the ESLTP Steering Committee to oversee the establishment of the new Ecosystem Science Council and the transition of ESLTP activities to this Council.

This 'Transition Reference Group' is an opportunity for the ecosystem science community to contribute to the formation of the Council to ensure that the process of establishing the Council results in an enduring body with full support of the wider community. The Transition Reference Group will contribute by refining and endorsing a final Terms of Reference for the Ecosystem Science Council, and developing and implementing a process for recruitment of the Ecosystem Science Council. The activity of this group will be limited to October-November of this year.

If this sounds like something that you'd like to be involved in, click here for all the information.