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Long-term research needs long-term funding

One of the six key directions identified in Foundations for the future: a long-term plan for Australian ecosystem science is to secure sustainable funding for long-term research.

Council established an expert working group to progress this, comprising Alan Andersen (Ecosystem Science Council; Chair), Andrew Bennett (LaTrobe University), Neville Barrett (Ecosystem Science Council), Emma Burns (Ecosystem Science Council), Fiona Cameron (Australian Research Council), Jenny Davis (Ecosystem Science Council), Chris Dickman (University of Sydney), Richard Kingsford (University of NSW), Charley Krebs (University of British Columbia), Sarah Legge (consultant ecologist), Glenda Wardle (Ecosystem Science Council) and Barbara Wilson (Deakin University).

The working group developed a business case for the value of long-term research on behalf of the ecosystem science community.

Council encourages you to use this resource when advocating the value of long-term ecological research in grant proposals, news articles, blogs and other social media.

You can download the business case here.