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Only 4 days left to ensure ecosystem science is heard!

5 September 2016

There are only four days left to make a submission on the National Research Infrastructure Capability Issues Paper, which was released on 20 July 2016.

Read below for more details, or click here to make a submission


The consultation on this Issues Paper is part of the process to develop the new National Research Infrastructure Roadmap that will identify Australia's research infrastructure capability needs on a ten-year horizon. The 2016 Roadmap, led by the Chief Scientist and an Expert Working Group, will advise Government on future investment in national research infrastructure to support Australian research and innovation that will underpin the economic wellbeing of our nation.

The opportunity is before us to present the case for a fully mature ecosystem capability of world-leading significance delivering critical knowledge for the nation, and to meet the global challenges of the future.

The Ecosystem Science Council has prepared a submissions based on Foundations for the future, and consultation with the ecosystem science community including the feedback you provided through our recent survey.

The key points in this submission are:

Three conclusions

  1. The environment sector has the leadership, expertise and drive to undertake a landmark project of global significance.
  2. The NCRIS program has helped develop maturity in the environment sector, and accelerated progress would accrue from enhanced future investment.
  3. The future is bright if infrastructure needs are reprioritised toward strategic research of global significance, and if the support is sustained.


  1. Launch a grand challenge to focus extra resources and creativity on the science of forecasting ecosystem change to underpin new industries, to improve risk analysis and for adaptation planning.
  2. Restore adequate funding, and continue to prioritise the existing plot networks of in situ observations and instrumentation, associated satellite monitoring and open access data streams that quantify changing processes and functions in Australian ecosystems.
  3. Increase resources to expand capability for inclusion of in situ observational capabilities into inland waters (rivers, wetlands, lakes and groundwater-dependent ecosystems), coastal systems and production landscapes.


You can help by making a submission

It's also important for as many members of our community as possible to make submissions, and ensure that the needs of ecosystem science are heard so they receive proper consideration through the road-mapping process.

To make a submission you can:

  • download the Issues Paper here (section 6 deals with 'Environment and Natural Resource Management')
  • download the submission template here
  • respond to the questions in the template (only answer the questions you want to)
  • include any other key points at the end of the template
  • email your completed submission to by Friday 9 September

Submissions do not need to be long - in fact brevity is welcomed! What is important is to send the clear message that our community is passionate, active, and ready to deliver world-leading science for the future.