Small group or individual submissions



If you can't make it to a town hall workshop, you might like to have some discussions around your workplace and then submit proposals for consideration as part of the Ecosystem Science Long-Term Plan. You can see reports from prior town hall workshops here, to get a feel for what some proposals are like.

We've prepared a simple process for you to do this, using the same content and templates that are used for the main town hall workshops. Read below to see how you can submit proposals as an individual or as part of a small group.



What to do:

  1. Watch the introduction video (approx. 13mins) to get an overview of the Ecosystem Science Long-Term Plan and what we’re trying to achieve.
  2. Watch the ‘emerging themes’ video (approx. 3.5mins) to see some key areas of interest that have been emerging from the consultation about the Ecosystem Science Long-Term Plan
  3. Think about and discuss your top ideas for strengthening the future of ecosystem science. How do these fit with the framework of emerging themes?
  4. Based on your ideas, develop one or more proposals for strengthening the future of ecosystem science. Use these templates to help guide your discussion. [NB - The first template (Word doc) can be used to guide your discussion and capture full details of your proposal. The second template (Powerpoint) can be used to capture a summary of the key points of your proposal that can then be easily shared with others.]
  5. Submit your proposals (Word and Powerpoint files) using this online form.



If you've got any questions, please contact us to discuss.