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Survey report now available

They say a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step*, and the journey of consultation towards the Ecosystem Science Long-Term Plan began with the step of an open online survey from November 2013 - January 2014. Thanks to the hard work of a small working group, we are now pleased to release the report summarising the responses and key outputs from this survey. It's clear that the survey offers meaningful insights into the current needs and challenges, and the future priorities of the Australian ecosystem science and management communities.

Over 300 people from a range of organisations and all our states and territories took the survey and collectively submitted over 700 ideas for the future of ecosystem science. Covering a diversity of topics and approaches at a range of scales, there were strong themes that emerged from a review of the survey responses, and these emerging themes have provided the backbone for the continued consultation process towards the Ecosystem Science Long-Term Plan:

• Data access and availability
• Ecosystem science governance
• Funding and investment
• Research agenda
• Linkage with end-users
• Education
• Other


Interestingly, over half of respondents came from a University (34%) or State/Territory government agency (19%) context. In addition to this, almost half of respondents identified their primary work as research (29%) or natural resource management (19%). Respondents are members of a wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary list of professional bodies and societies within the Australian ecosystem science community. Despite this, almost one third of respondents (29%) said they were not a member of any professional society.

You can read more about the survey, ideas submitted for the future, and demographics of respondents by following this link.