Tell us about your work

Right now, we’re collating information about the extent of existing activities, projects and programs underway across the country that are already taking action towards the six key directions of the Plan.

There is a significant amount of work already underway that contributes to building our future and that links with the key directions of the Plan. The first step in implementing the Plan is a review of current activities and capabilities relevant to each key direction. Doing this enables us to understand and recognise existing efforts, and create a pathway forward that complements and builds upon existing activities.

If you’re involved in work that relates to one of the key directions, please tell us about it here. We're only asking for overview details at this stage, so it won't take much of your time to tell us about your work.

We’ll periodically collate the information you send in and put it on this website. That way we can begin to build a collaborative resource for everyone to see the work already happening across the ecosystem science community.