Ecosystem Science Council

The Ecosystem Science Council has a vital role to play in transforming the vision  of Foundations for the future into a reality. The Council works with all individuals, groups and organisations within the ecosystem science and management communities to advance the Plan's goals. In doing so, we seek to align ecosystem science with the needs of government, industry, business, economics and education.


The key directions in Foundations for the Future identified the need for a new Ecosystem Science Council to offer leadership in implementing the Plan, and facilitating collaboration across the community:

FACILITATING COORDINATION, COLLABORATION AND LEADERSHIP A more collaborative and coordinated ecosystem science community including the formation of an 'Ecosystem Science Council' to offer leadership to implement the Plan, working with all relevant discipline areas, organisations, societies and professions.


The Council is made up of 11 people from a cross-section of the sectors and ecosystem science-related disciplines described in Foundations for the future. This group works together to oversee the implementation of Foundations for the future, with four key responsibilities:

  • facilitating communication and coordination across the ecosystem science community
  • coordinating the delivery of activities outlined in Foundations for the future
  • seeking resources to support the delivery of activities outline in Foundations for the future, including the activities of the Council itself and other working groups
  • reviewing and evaluating progress towards the goals of Foundations for the future

The Council had its first meeting of elected members in June 2015.

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