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The people behind the Plan (that's you!)

From the outset, the development of the Australian Ecosystem Science Long-Term Plan was designed to be a collaborative process that invited engagement and input from across our diverse ecosystem science community. A collaborative and coordinated effort is vital to bring together our expertise and wisdom, and to plot a collective path forward for the future.

With the draft Plan document currently undergoing review, we've had some time to reflect on the consultation activities that have taken place since September 2013. It's great to see just how many of you - over 650 people - have taken the opportunity to get involved and have your say on the future of ecosystem science. Your ideas and contributions have provided the firm foundations for identifying our key directions for the future - thank you.

Here's a few things we know about the people who've been involved with developing the Plan so far*:

  • you come from all States and Territories, and even a few international locations
  • you cover a wide range of work categories, with the majority working in research (34%), academia (19.1%), or natural resource management (17.2%)
  • you work in many different organisations, but the majority of you work in University (40.7%), State/Territory government agencies (16.7%), or non-government groups or associations (11.7%)
  • you are interested in a variety of activities and disciplines that contribute to ecosystem science - as evidenced by your membership or association with over 90 professional societies or interest groups in Australia and abroad

Click here to read more about the people who have made this Plan possible.


Just some of the people who have made the Plan possible by getting involved with town hall workshops across the country.
(Left image courtesy of A Kwok, Centre image courtesy of S Long, Right image courtesy of A Greenville)


*Based on information provided through the survey and town hall registration process