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Voter registration extended!

Voter registration has been extended until Sunday 15 February, so register now to be involved in selecting your Council!

The new Ecosystem Science Council has a vital role to play in coordinating the implementation of Foundations for the future, and in facilitating communication and collaboration across the ecosystem science community. The Council will be made up of 11 people from a broad cross-section of disciplines, organisations, occupations and locations that make up the Australian ecosystem science community.

There will be a two-part process to select the Council, designed to ensure there is openness and transparency for the community, and to ensure that the Council has the support and mandate of the wider ecosystem science community as it moves forward. The process starts with an open vote for candidates by registered voters throughout the Australian ecosystem science community, in the first quarter of 2015. This vote will be used to identify the first half of the Council members.

After this, to help ensure diversity and balance across the Council, the Steering Committee will identify the final members from amongst the remaining candidates.

Nominations for the Council have now closed, but you can still register to vote and participate in selecting your Council. Click here to register now.

You can read all the details about the Council, the selection process and timeline, nominations, and voter registration here.